Designed by a Mother. Made by Mothers.

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Our Story

The Kinder Mask is the creation of a newly single mother who had to pivot her consulting business due to the pandemic. Nancy Chang is a working mother with a love for travel and a passion for empowering women and working mothers around the world.

Nancy recently relocated back to Canada with her daughter after living and working on the island of Bali, Indonesia for nearly 4 years. With an economy that relies strictly on tourism and Bali forced to close its border to foreign nationals, many locals have been left struggling to put food on their table. The Kinder Mask was born in an attempt to support several communities.

Transparency & Commitment 

We want to be transparent and share our entire process with you - from start to finish.

The Kinder Masksā€™ fabrics are sourced locally in Indonesia and hand-printed using an artisanal screen-printing technique. This gives our prints extra depth and beautiful uniqueness. Each roll of fabric (20 meters) can take up to 1 week to finish from creating the screen for printing, sampling, and matching colours to dying the fabric, manual screen printing, and drying.

It is vital for us to share this part of our story with you so that when considering your purchase, you know that you are directly supporting women across several communities. The Kinder Masks are handmade by local Balinese seamstresses, working mothers, directly impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Parts, including nose-wire and silicone ear strap adjuster, are sourced and finished in Canada. Our cotton muslin bags are also sourced and hand-printed in Canada. We chose to have our masks finished in the same community we live in, so we are supporting our local economy and creating jobs locally here in Canada. 

We choose hand-made over mass-produced and quality over quantity. All of our pieces are handmade, and we know the time and hard work that goes into each mask, which is why we honour and pay above standard by setting narrow price margins. Our seamstresses work in a small studio managed by a foreign expatriate, a working mother, and they are treated with respect in a safe environment. It is important for us to know how the masks are made and who is making them. We keep a personal connection with each and everyone involved and ensure our masks are made ethically in Bali.

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Our Mission 

"We choose handmade over mass-produced, and quality over quantity."

We care about the environment and try to decrease our environmental footprint whenever possible. Our hangtags are printed locally and our mailers used for shipping are biodegradable.

We are committed to doing our due diligence and using ethically sourced materials.

We will continue to work with and grow local communities and artisans, and empower women, especially working mothers. We will continue to give back to the communities and stand by the quality of The Kinder Masks and our handmade production with care and love. 

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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Bali, Indonesia.

Mask Features 

+ Two-layers of pleated 100% woven cotton with a pocket with polypropylene filter. Total= Three-layers.

+ Filter pocket to allow filter change and removal or additional filter added.

+ Soft elastic ear straps with detachable silicone ear strap adjusters for a comfortable fit.

+ Adjustable and removable aluminum nose strip.

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